About Brilliant Memorabilia

Here at Brilliant Memorabilia, we have noted that “Everyone's got a Song™”.

That’s why we have created this innovative range of commemorative gold discs that engage us with our heroes, the events and songs that connect us and help define our lives.

We realise that the authenticity of the signature is at the core of the success of our company as well as the genuine endorsements of the rights holder, teams, players etc. Recognising this we make sure that when there’s a signature on this product then it’s actually been signed by that person. We guarantee the provenance of each product, we take photos of signing days, and each item is assigned a unique serial number so you can be sure this product is genuine. We promise that there are no duplicates and that the limited edition is exactly that: limited. Furthermore we will provide you with a way to register your product to verify it should you sell it on at any time.

In any event that you have any queries about your product or are suspicious that the product you have bought from us has been tampered with or that you have reason to think its been forged then please get in touch with us via hello@BrilliantMemorabilia.com

Who's behind Brilliant Memorabilia?

The company was founded in 2014 by Syd Nadim. Syd is chairman and founder of award-winning digital agency, Clock. A Prince's Trust start-up in 1997, it's now a top-100 agency. Charity has always been a big part of Syd's life and something that started as a fun way to raise some money for good causes turned into a bigger opportunity with the possibility to raise significant sums for charities like the Bobby Moore Signature Series - Raising money to support the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.

Syd partnered with his long-term friend and merchandise specialist, Karl Pearsall, to build the business. Karl, founder of gift house 'Original Thing' est. since 1999 has been involved with bringing many new innovative products to market. Previously he's been an event organiser and music promoter. Karl saw the enormous potential for, and high desirability of these commemorative gold disc frames bringing his love of music and passion for sport together. What's not to love?